Hunter Fan 53236 Fan User Manual
M3520-01 • 04/19/13 • © Hunter Fan Company
Your blades are shielded with Dust Armor® which
is a nanotechnology coating that repels dust. For
cleaning the fan, use soft brushes or cloths to prevent
scratching. Cleaning agents may damage the nishes.
Remember the screws that
you kept after removing the
shipping blocks (page 6)? You
need them for this step.
Lightly attach the blade irons to the
motor with the blade iron armature
screws, then securely tighten after both
screws are attached.
Install the grommets, found in the hardware
bag, in the blades by hand. Place each blade
between a blade iron and medallion. Install three
blade screws, found in the hardware bag, to
attach the medallion to the blade iron. Repeat
for all blades.