Canon MV 901 Camcorder User Manual

Advanced Functions
Selecting a Recording Program
1. Set the program selector to .
2. Press the FUNC. button to open the FUNC. menu.
3. With the joystick select ( ) the recording
programs icon.
4. Select ( ) the recording program from the options
on the bottom bar.
5. Press the FUNC. button to save the setting and close the menu.
The symbol of the recording program selected appears.
Do not change the recording program while recording as the brightness of the
image may change abruptly.
Portrait/Sports mode:
The picture may not appear smooth when played back.
Snow/Beach mode:
- The subject may become overexposed in dark surroundings. Check the
image on the screen.
- The picture may not appear smooth when played back.
Night mode:
- Moving subjects may leave a trailing afterimage.
- Picture quality may not be as good as in other modes.
- White points may appear on the screen.
- Autofocus may not work as well as in other modes. In such case, adjust the
focus manually.
- The digital zoom cannot be used with this recording program.
Fireworks mode:
To avoid camcorder shake, we recommend using a tripod.
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