Haier HWR12XC5, ESA3105 Air Conditioner User Manual

To store your air conditioner, after the season, remove the unit from the
window as per the installation guide. Repack the unit in its original box
and store away. If your unit is installed in a wall or you do not intend to
remove it from the window then cover the outside with a winter cover.
This can be purchased from the retailer where you purchased your
air conditioner or from your local hardware store.
Before putting away your unit make sure any water left in the pan is
removed and drained away'. Water left in the pan could lead to Rusting
or damage to the electrical connections.
If air conditioner does not operate:
Check if unit is plugged in. The plug may have come loose.
Check if the unit is in "Off" mode.
Air from air conditioner is warm:
The COOL setting may need to be raised.
Ice formation on cooling coils:
Outside temperature too cold. Set the unit on fan only
setting to defrost ice.
Lower temperature setting. Temperature setting may be too cold,
Unit BTU may be too high for the room.