Haier AB242ACBEA Air Conditioner User Manual

Unit shall be grounded. But grounding shall not be connected to gas pipe
water pipe, telephone line. Poor grounding will cause electric shock.
Be sure to install a leakage breaker to avoid electric shock.
Arrange water drainage according to this Manual. Cover pipe with insulation materials in case
dew may occur. Unproper installation of water drainage will cause water leakage and wer your furniture.
To maintain good picture or reduce noise, keep at least 1 m from T.V. radio, when install indoor and ou
tdoor unit, connecting wire and power line. (If the radio wave is relatively strong, 1 m is not enough
to reduce noise).
Don't install unit in following places:
(a) Oil mist or oil gas exists, such as kitchen, or, plastic parts may got aged, or water leakage.
(b) Where there is corrosive gas. Copper tube and welded part may be damaged due to corrosion,
causing leakage.
(c) Where there is strong radiation. This will affect unit's control system, causing malfunction of the unit
(d) Where flamable gas, dirt, and volatile matter (thinner, gasoline) exist, These matter
might cause fire accident.
Meanings of Warning and Cautions:
Warning! Serious injury or even death might happen, if it is not observed.
Caution! Injury to people of damages to machine might happen, if it is not observed.
To ensure proper installation, read "Cautions" carefully before
working. After
installation, start the unit correctly and show
customers how to operate and
maintain the unit.
Installation shall be done by professional people, don't install unit by yourself. Incorrect installation will
cause water leakage, electric shock or fire.
Install unit as per the Manual. Incorrect installation will cause water leakage, electric shock or fire
Be sure to use specified accessaries and parts. Otherwise, water leakage, electric shock, fire accident or
unit falling down may happen.
Unit should be placed on a place strong enough to hold the unit. Or, unit will fall down causing injuries.
When install the unit, take in consideration of storms, typhoom, earthquake. Incorrect installation may
cause unit to fall down.
All electric work shall be done by experienced people as per eocal code, regulations and this Manual.
Use exclusive wire for the unit. Incorrect installation or undersized electric wire may cause electric
shock or fire accident.
All the wires and circuit shall be safe. Use exclusive wire firmly fixed. Be sure that external force
will not affect terminal bolck and electric wire. Poor contact and installation may cause fire accident.
Arrange wire correctly when connectin indoor and outdoor power supply. Fix terminal cover firmly to
avoid overheat, electric shock or even fire accident.
In case retrigerant leakage occurred during unit installation, keep a good ventilation in the room.
Poisonous gas will occur when meet with fire.
Check the unit upon installation. Be sure there is no leakage. Refrigerant will induce poisonous gas
when meet heat source as heater, oven, etc.
Cut power supply before touching terminal bolck.
Don't fail to show customers how to operate unit.
Refer to paper pattern when installing unit.
Cautions for the installation personnel
Installation Procedure