GE BFLH70L Fan User Manual

210572111 Rev. B 5-06
1. Run wiring from approved wall switches carrying
the appropriate rating. One neutral (white), one
ground (green or bare copper), and three hot (black,
red, blue leads connected to the switch, one for
each function). Secure the electrical wires to the
housing with an approved electrical connector. Make
sure you leave enough wiring in the box to make the
connection to the fan’s receptacles.
2. Connect the white wire from the house to the three
white wires from the fan. Connect one hot (black)
wire from the wall switch to the black wire from the
fan (this is the fan control). Connect second hot (red)
wire from the wall switch to the red wire from the
fan (this is the heat control). Connect the third hot
(blue) wire from the wall switch to the blue wire from
the fan (this is the light control). Connect the ground
wire from the house to the green wire from the fan
(Figure 9). Use approved methods for all connections.
3. Reinstall the wire compartment cover by sliding the
tabs at the bottom of the cover into the slots in the
housing. Make sure all wires are tucked inside of the
compartment and are not being pinched or showing
through. Reinstall the two screws removed in Step 3
Preparing the Unit
(Figure 10).
Completing the Installation
1. Insert the plug from the heating unit into the
receptacle marked “HEAT”, and the plug from the
fan into the receptacle marked “VENT”(Figure 11).
2. Remove grill from carton and open light lens area
by pushing in on the two tabs of the light lens and
pulling outward from lens. The lens will swing open
on the connector bars. DO NOT remove the lens
from the grill (Figure 12).
3. Install light reflector into grill by lining up the posts on
grill with the holes in light reflector (Figure 13). Raise
light reflector and grill up to housing and insert plug
from light into receptacle marked “LIGHT” (Figure 11).
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Figure 9
Supply from house
Hot (Blue)
Hot (Black)
Hot (Red)
Figure 10
Figure 12
Connector Bar
Figure 13
Figure 11