Fujitsu ASU12RLS Air Conditioner User Manual

Before cleaning the indoor unit, be sure to turn it off.
Be sure the Open Panel (Fig. 4 a9) is installed securely.
When removing or replacing the air filters, be sure not to touch the heat exchanger, as personal
injury may result.
Cleaning the Open Panel
1. Remove the Open Panel.
1 Place your fingers at both lower ends of the grille
panel, and lift forward; if the grille seems to catch
partway through its movement, continue lifting up-
ward to remove.
2 Pull past the intermediate catch and open the Open
Panel wide so that it become horizontal.
2. Clean with water.
Remove dust with a vacuum cleaner; wipe the indoor
unit with warm water, then dry with a clean, soft cloth.
3. Replace the Open Panel.
1 Pull the knobs all the way.
2 Hold the grille horizontal and set the left and right
mounting shafts into the bearings at the top of the
3 Press the place where the arrow on the diagram indi-
cates and close the Open Panel.
Cleaning the Air Filter
1. Open the Open Panel, and remove the air
Lift up the air filters handle, disconnect the two lower
tabs, and pull out.
2. Remove dust with a vacuum cleaner or by
After washing, allow to dry thoroughly in a shaded place.
3. Replace the Air Filter and close the Open
1 Align the sides of the air filter with the panel, and push
in fully, making sure the two lower tabs are returned
properly to their holes in the panel.
2 Close the Open Panel.
(In the above figure, the open panel is omitted for the expla-
Dust can be cleaned from the air filter either with a vacuum
cleaner, or by washing the filter in a solution of neutral
detergent and warm water. If you wash the filter, be sure
to allow it to dry thoroughly in a shady place before rein-
If dust is allowed to accumulate on the air filter, airflow
will be reduced, lowering operating efficiency and increas-
ing noise.
During periods of normal use, the Air Filters should be
cleaned every two weeks.
Don't operate the air conditioner with being opened the
open panel.
When used for extended periods, the indoor unit may accumulate dust inside, reducing its performance. We recommend
that the indoor unit be inspected regularly, in addition to your own cleaning and care. For more information, consult
authorized service personnel.
When cleaning the indoor units body, do not use water hotter than 104 °F, harsh abrasive cleansers, or volatile agents
like benzene or thinner.
Do not expose the indoor units body to liquid insecticides or hairsprays.
When shutting down the indoor unit for one month or more, first allow the fan mode to operate continuously for about
one-half day to allow internal parts to dry thoroughly.
Open Panel
Air filter handle
Air filter (Right & Left)
Hooks(two places)
Hooks(two places)