Frigidaire EA108T Air Conditioner User Manual

8.If you wish to keep the unit beoperatedathigher
performance state, remove the steel rear grille and
attach the plastic rear grille. The plastic grille will
minimize the recirculation of hot discharge air.
Plastic rear grille
Steel rear grille
Fig. F
11.lnstallthe new unit intothe wall sleeve.
12.To assemble trim, snapthe tab ofeach piece into
the slot of the other piece asshown below. Remove
the backing from the trim foamand stick thattothe
inside of the trim as shown below.
Horizontal Vertical
rm oam rm oam
Assemble Trim Attach Trim Foam
Fig. 1
9.If thedepth ofyour existingwall sleeve is less than
or equal to 20", skip to step 11. Otherwise, cut the
baffles and the support blocksaccording to length"A"
in thetable below.
Depth "D"of the
existing wall Length "A"
sleeve (inches) (inches)
20%<D..<2 I_ I-_
213/4<D_<24 4
12.Slide trim over thefront ofthe airconditioner until
trim is flush with sleeve as shown below.
Fig. J
NOTE: Be sure to route the cord through the trim
frame before placing the trim frameon the unit.
10.Remove the backing from the support blocks and
attach them to the inside of the wall sleeve as shown
FIG 14.Slide the baffle intoslotsofthesupport blocks.
I /" ...................................."_ 7_"
Wall __ i_i' i BPerc_dBtPaaSer
Sleeve " _ ""'_"i" _
W__ ' ----_-Tapered spacer
.-/'/ _ Block
Fig. H
Air conditioners covered in this manual pose an
excessive weight hazard. Two or more people arc
needed to moveand install theunit. To prevent injur_
orstrain, useproperlifting and carrying technique, _
when moving unit.
When handling the air conditioner, be carefult(
avoid cuts from sharp metal fins onfrontand rear
Make sure air conditioner does not fall durin(