Frigidaire 220211A177 Air Conditioner User Manual

Air Conditioner Features
Using Air Conditioner
To begin operating the air conditioner, follow these steps:
1. Set the thermostat to the highest number (coldest or cooler setting).
2. Set the selector control to the highest COOL setting.
3. Adjust the louvers for comfortable air flow (see Air Directional Louvers).
4. Once the room has cooled, adjust the thermostat to the setting you find most comfortable.
Review the “Air Conditioner Features” section for other settings.
NOTE: If the air conditioner is turned off,
wait 3 minutes before restarting. This allows
pressure inside the compressor and
equalize. Failure to follow these instructions
may be harmful to your unit.
The controls featured in this manual are representative of many available models. Your model
may offer slightly different features.
Please always wait 3 minutes when turning unit off then on again, and when changing from cool to fan &
back to cool. This prevents compressor from overheating & possible circuit breaker tripping.
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Cool Mode
The desired cool setting is selected by rotating the knob to the right to the appropriate location.
hi cool” has maximum cooling effect and airflow.
lo cool” has minimum cooling effect and airflow.
Note: If your unit is equipped with a vent handle, keep it closed for maximum efficiency.
Fan Mode
Rotate the knob to the left to select your choice of fan speeds for air circulation.
Note: When selecting a fan speed, the compressor will not run.
The thermostat is used to set the desired room temperature when the unit is being operated
in the “COOL MODE”.
To set the desired room temperature, rotate the thermostat switch to the desired setting. After
the set temperature is achieved the thermostat will automatically start and stop the compressor
in order to maintain the desired set temperature.
Rotate the thermostat selector clockwise for higher cool settings. Higher cool settings will
provide lower room temperature.
Rotate the thermostat selector counter clockwise for lower cool settings. Lower cool settings
will provide higher room temperature.
Air Directional Louvers
Air directional louvers control air flow direction. Your air conditioner has the louver type
described below.
Auger Type
Rotate the Auger Wheels until the desired Left/Right direction is obtained.