Frigidaire 2020213A0362 Air Conditioner User Manual

Choose a window that allows the cooled air to flow
freely and directly into room(s) you wish to cool.
Remember, it is difficult to move air around corners.
Also, choose a window that is within 6 feet of an
electrical outlet. (See Meeting Electrical
Requirements/Receptacle wiring needs.) Do not
use an extension cord.
3. Choose the proper window location.
Installing Unit in a Sliding Window
1. Attach support brace to platform as shown.
Use adjustment bolt and hex flange nut to complete
assembly. Choose slot and adjustment bolt hole
locations that will create a 45 degree angle between
platform and support brace. Try assembly in the
window to determine if platform will rest properly, and
allow proper slope (3/16-inch lower on outside).
NOTE: If you are planning to use a siding-
protection board (see Step 5) on the outside of your
house, hold board in place when testing assembly in
2. Measure, and lightly mark a line 8-11/16 inches
from window jamb.
NOTE: If any sash stop protrudes more than 1
inch from the side window jambs, the 8-11/16-inch
measurement must be increased accordingly.
Screen and storm window frames may also require
adjustments to the measurement.
3. Center platform assembly on the line with inside
platform tab pressed against inside edge of window
track. Using the holes in the platform as a guide,
mark and drill two 9/64-inch diameter holes. Drill
holes in either track or stool.
Property Damage Hazard-Failure to adhere to
the following precaution could result in
damage to window or air conditioner.
Be sure wood stool or window track is securely
attached to the building construction. Use longer
screws in sub-framing if necessary.
6 foot
power cord
Platform Assembly
/ " (6mm) HEX FLANGE NUT
8 / inches
Center platform
assembly on the
line with platform
tab pressed against
window track
Alternate screw location
(depending on the stool depth)
Platform tab
Window track
Window seal