Delta Faucet T17264-I Plumbing Product User Manual 20
Touch it on. Touch it off. Tap anywhere on the spout or handle or simply put
your hands close to the faucet to intuitively activate the flow of water from
Delta lavatory faucets featuring Touch
A simple tap is all it takes: With the handle in the ON position, tap
anywhere on the spout or handle to activate the flow of water.
Hands-free operation: Place your hands within four inches of the faucet
and the water turns on. Remove them from the sensing field and the faucet
turns off within seconds.
LED mode indicator: A blue LED flashes in hands-free mode and remains
constant when the touch feature is activated. When batteries need to be
replaced, the LED turns red.
Water-efficient and clean: Moving your hands out of range shuts off the
water flow when it’s not needed between tasks, potentially saving water.
When hands are messy, you can activate the flow of water without touching
the faucet, helping keep you and your bathroom clean.