Delta Faucet T17264-I Plumbing Product User Manual

What should I do if my single- or two-handle faucet leaks under the handle?
Turn water off at the stops.
Remove the handle. (For single-handle DIAMOND Valve models, also
remove the cap.)
Use an adjustable wrench or channel locks to tighten the bonnet nut (on
two-handle models and single-handle DIAMOND Valve models), or use a
strap wrench to tighten the cap (on other single-handle models). If you
don’t have a strap wrench, put a towel over the cap to protect the finish
and use channel locks.
Replace the handle.
If that does not solve the problem, you may need to replace the cam
assembly for a single-handle faucet with a ball valve (see illustration
on page 14), or the stem unit assembly for a two-handle faucet (see
illustration below). For single- and two-handle DIAMOND Valve models,
you may need to replace the DIAMOND Valve assembly (see illustration
below). Visit for detailed instructions. 16
Strap Wrench
Two-Handle Faucet
Two-Handle Faucet
Stem Unit