Craftsman 113.177135 Vacuum Cleaner User Manual

To reduce the risk of fire or explosion, do not operate this vac in areas with
flammable gases, vapors or explosive dust in the air. Flammable gases or
vapors include but are not limited to: lighter fluid, solvent type cleaners, oil-
base paints, gasoline, alcohol or aerosol sprays. Explosive dusts include but
are not limited to: coal, magnesium, grain or gun powder. Do not vacuum
explosive dust, flammable or combustible liquids or hot ashes. Do not use this
vac as a sprayer for any flammable or combustible liquid. To reduce the risk
of health hazards from vapors or dusts, do not vacuum toxic materials.
CAUTION: To reduce the risk of
hearing damage, wear ear protectors
when using the vac for extended
hours or when using it in a noisy
The operation of any utility vac can
result in foreign objects being blown
into the eyes, which can result in
severe eye damage. Always wear
safety goggles complying with ANSI
Z87.1 (shown on package) before
commencing operation. Safety
goggles are available at Sear retail
Your Craftsman two-gallon wet/dry vac is
assembled at the factory and ready for use
when you remove it from the carton. The
unit is ready for dry vacuuming or blowing.
After you plug the power cord into the wall
receptacle, turn the unit "ON" by pushing
the switch from position "0" to position
"1". The symbols used on the switch are
international symbols. The "0" is the
"OFF" position and the "1" is the "ON"