Craftsman 113.177135 Vacuum Cleaner User Manual

WARNING: To reduce the risk of I
injury from accidental starting,
unplug power cord before changing
or cleaning filter.
Your filter should be cleaned often to
maintain peak vac performance.
Easy to Replace Filter
1. Extend the retainer band around the
plastic posts on the lid.
2. Remove filter bag off the filter cage.
3. Place the replacement filter on the filter
cage until open end touches bottom of
4. Release the retainer band from the
plastic post on the lid, holding the filter
bag secure to the lid.
5. Make sure the retainer band is
positioned on the filter bag covering the
black printed line.
Handle to
Remove Motor
Retainer Band
;i:se of Vac
Plastic Post_
Take the dirty filter to a disposal container
and gently brush away small dirt particles
that may be adhering to the filter material.
IMPORTANT: After cleaning, check the
filter for tears or small holes. Do not use a
filter with holes or tears in it. Even a small
hole can cause a lot of dust to come out of
your vac. Replace it immediately.
New filters may be purchased at area
Sears retail stores, Sears retail
replacement filters ar sold by stock no.
NOTE: Before installing the filter on the
vac, clean the area of the lid so that the
retainer band wilt seal the bag against the
lid and stop small particles from bypassing
the filter bag.
If the filter is clean and not damaged,
replace it on the filter cage. tf it cannot be
reused, place a new filter over the filter
Replace the retainer band around the
filter. Make sure the retainer band is
positioned on the filter, and the filter
completely covers the filter cage. Also,
make sure the edges of the filter are
completely secured under the retainer
NOTE: Clean the filter in an open area.
Cleaning should be done outdoors and not
in the living quarters.
WARNING: Do not remove the filter
cage. It is there to help prevent your
fingers from getting into the blower
IMPORTANT: To avoid damage to the
blower wheel and motor, always reinstall
the filter before using the vac for dry
material pick-up.