Carrier TB-PAC Thermostat User Manual

14. Turn ON power to unit.
On power up, depending on the thermostat model being used, the
LCD readout will display either AC for air conditioner model
(1--stage heat/1--stage cool) or HP for heat pump model (2 -- stage
heat/1--stage cool).
Step 3 Set Thermostat Configuration
Configuration options enable the installer to configure the
thermostat for a particular installation.
These are not presented to the homeowner and therefore must be
properly set by the installer. Following is a list of the options
available, an explanation of their function, and their factory default
settings. Not all numbers are used in the Base Series because not all
options are available in this series.
Configuration Options -- Summary:
Option 01 -- Equipment type
Option 03 -- Fahrenheit/Centigrade
Option 04 -- Fan (G) on with W output
Option 10 -- Reversing valve
Option 13 -- Room air temperature offset
Option 21 -- Keypad Lockout
Option 26 -- Minimum Cooling Setpoint
Option 27 -- Maximum Heating Setpoint
To Enter The Configuration Mode:
Press and hold the FAN key for about 10 seconds until the display
changes so that only two pairs of digits are showing. The
configuration number, now 01, will appear in the
setpoint/temperature location and the configuration setting will
appear in the clock location. The configuration number (left pair)
will be flashing which means it can be adjusted using the UP and
DOWN keys. To cause the opposite pair to flash (to be adjustable),
press the H/C key . Successive presses of the H/C key alternate
between the configuration number (left) and the configuration
setting (right). To exit the configuration mode, press the
HOLD/END key. If no key is pressed for 3 minutes, the
configuration mode will automatically exit, returning the
thermostat to normal operation.
Configuration Options -- Selection:
Option 01 -- Equipment type
Selections: with HP thermostat: HP, AC, PH, or PC
with AC thermostat: AC or PC
PH or PC selects PTAC units (Packaged Terminal Air
Conditioners) which are used in motel rooms and other rented
spaces. When this option is selected, the display shows only the
setpoint, not the room temperature. Also, the compressor
timeguard is disabled, allowing the compressor to turn on
immediately when a demand is established.
HP or PH controls 1 speed heat pump with 1 stage of aux heat.
AC or PC controls 1 speed air conditioner with one stage of heat.
Note that this option allows a HP thermostat to be converted to
control an AC system.
Option 03 -- Fahrenheit/Centigrade
Selections: F = Fahrenheit — This is default.
C = Centigrade.
Selects temperature display units.
Option 04 -- Fan (G) ON with W output
Selections: OF = G not energized with W — This is default.
ON = G energized with W.
This selection determines whether the fan (G) is to be ON or OFF
when the W (furnace or strip heat) is ON. Furnaces and f an coils
which manage their own blowers do not require a separate G
signal. Some auxiliary heaters require a s eparate G signal to operate
the blower when W is applied.
This option allows a HP thermostat to control an AC system.
Option 10 -- Reversing valve
Selections: C = reversing valve energized in cooling —This is
H = reversing valve energized in heating — Only
appears in HP systems.
Option 13 -- Room Air Temperature Offset
Selections: ±5_F/3_C. Default is 0.
The number of degrees to be added to the displayed temperature to
calibrate or deliberately miscalibrate the measured room
temperature. This option is in _FevenifOption3issetfor_C.
Option 21 -- Keypad Lockout
Selections: ON, OF Default is OF .
With OF selected, the keypad cannot be locked. With ON selected
the keypad will be locked and can be unlocked by simultaneously
pressing the UP and DOWN keys for 5 seconds. Once unlocked, it
will relock 2 minutes after the last keypad press. If any key is
pressed and the thermostat is locked, “loc” will be displayed in the
clock digits.
Option 26 -- Minimum Cooling Setpoint
Selections: 50_ to 90_F/10_ to 32_C—Defaultis52_F/11_C.
Sets the lowest cooling setpoint available to the user.
Option 27 -- Maximum Heating Setpoint
Selections: 50_ to 90_F/10_ to 32_C—Defaultis88_F/31_C.
Sets the highest heating setpoint available to the user.
Step 4 Understand Thermostat Operation
Temperatur e D isplay
Thermostat will display room temperature until UP or DOWN
button is pressed. The words SET TEMP appear when these
buttons are pressed and the current setpoint is displayed. If no
buttons are pressed for 5 sec, the display will change back to show
room temperature.
Back lighting
Continuous back-- lighting is not available. The backlight will come
on for 10 seconds after any button press. Without AC power and
when the battery is low, the backlight will remain off with button
Battery Indicator
A battery indication icon on the display shows nothing, half, or
low/no battery condition. If the battery is full or operation is from
AC power, no icon appears. Under battery operation, if the battery
is half full, a half full battery icon appears. As the battery depletes
below half, the icon remains at half, but the 10 second backlight
disappears. When the battery is absent or depleted, the display goes
blank except for an empty battery icon and all outputs are turned
Timeguard Timer
A 5--minute timeguard is built into the thermostat immediately
upon power up, and any time the compressor turns off. The
compressor will not turn on until the timeguard has expired. The
timeguard affects only compressor operation. Pressing UP and
FAN buttons simultaneously will override the timeguard for 1
cycle. If PTAC operation (PH or PC) is selected under Option 1,
the timeguard timer is eliminated.
Cycle Timer
In normal heating and cooling operation the thermostat will not
allow more than 4 equipment cycles per hour (or 1 cycle every 15
minutes). Both the Y and W outputs have a 15--minute timer that
starts counting down when the output is turned on, (e.g., if Y
output is turned on for 9 minutes and then satisfies, it cannot turn
back on for another 6 minutes regardless of demand). However,