Bosch Appliances 17e Water Heater User Manual

Installation/Operating Instructions
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Bosch 17e
Bosch 21e
Bosch 25e
Bosch 26e
(YS1770RA series, YS2170RA series, YS2670RABZ, YS2670RA series)
This appliance must be installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s installation instructions, AS5601,
AS/NZS3500.4, AS3000 wiring regulations and all Local Building, Water and Gas fitting regulations.
To be installed and serviced only by an authorised person
This appliance is not suitable for use as a pool heater
The “authorised installing person” is responsible for :
1. Correct commissioning of this appliance.
2. Ensure unit performs to the specifications stated on the rating label.
3. Demonstrate operation of unit to customer before leaving.
4. Hand these instructions to customer.
Failure to install this appliance in accordance with these installation instructions may void warranty
Rev. 10/11