Bissell 1370 Vacuum Cleaner User Manual

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Cleaner Not Picking Up Solution
Possible cause Remedies
1. Removable nozzle may not be properly attached. 1. Make sure nozzle is on correctly by slightly
raising front of machine to line up slots on the
base of the machine with the hooks on nozzle.
Attach at base first and then click nozzle into place.
2. 2-in-1 tank lid is not properly installed. 2. Re-install lid; refer to the image on page 8.
3. 2-in-1 tank is not properly seated. 3. 2-in-1 tank must be firmly seated to function;
remove and reseat 2-in-1 tank.
4. 2-in-1 tank has picked up maximum dirty water. 4. Empty 2-in-1 tank and refill, refer to the
Operation section.
5. The lint screen may be clogged 5. Clean out lint screen. Refer to page 8.
Other maintenance or service not included in the manual should be performed by an
authorized service representative.
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