Admiral AAWV-10CR1FAU Air Conditioner User Manual

Casement Window Installation
This air conditioner is designed to fit into most casement type
windows. As shipped from factory, unit will fit into a minimum
window opening 151/2" wide and 22"high. The preferred
method of installation is through a closed or stationary window.
Installation in an open window frame is also possible where
open window can be secured to outside of building or removed
1.Closed or stationary window: Install unit in stationary sash to
avoid crank handles or window latches. If unit is to be installed
in or next to a movable sash, it may be necessary to remove catch,
handle or both. Remove crank handle and secure window in closed
position. Remove glass panes and separating strips to a height
sufficient to mount unit.
2.Open window frame: Remove crank mechanism and catch handles.
Fold window sash back against exterior wall of building and secure,
or remove completely where possible.
3. A filler panel will be required at side of unit when installed in
windows having width greater than 151/2". Filler panel should be
made from 3/4 " thick wood securely anchored to one side of
opening so that 15 1/2" wide opening is provided. Filler panel
should run full length of window. Paint to suit.
4. Install unit in same manner as described for sliding windows.
Installation in wood sliding or wood casement windows
1.For wood frame casement windows, it is necessary to construct a
frame, using at least 1 " thick wood with a 15 1/2" wide opening.
2.Paint frame and fasten it securely, sealing it into window opening.
3.Install unit into frame following procedures for metal sliding and
casement windows.
These installations are also typical, and since styles and sizes of
casement windows vary widely, it is advisable to have unit installed
by someone skilled in this type of installation. The dealer selling
these units can recommend or supply qualified people to install
your new unit.
Caution: Do not block air circulation to outside
louvers of cabinet.
Drilled holes
Speed clips
3/8" long screws
12.Install speed clips on top and bottom inside edge
of window to provide locking. (See fig. E)
13.Using supplied foam, cut to proper length, insert
between inside window sash and outside window.(See fig. E)
14.Place top retainer on top edge of filter panel, then place
the bottom edge of filler panel into groove of bottom retainer
(mounted on unit). Filler panel may be trimmed with knife or
scissors to fit window height.(See fig. C)
15.Slide sliders upward making sure filler panel aligns in
16.With sliders up against top retainer, drill 1/8 hole
through window frame in alignment with existing hole in
slider. Install 3/8 long self-threading screw in hole.
Repeat for other slider.
17.Check all seals and plug all air leaks around unit. Use
supplied sealant to fill any minor openings.
Support platform
Central line
Window channel frame
Bottom bar(on the
bottom of Cabinet)
3/8" long screws
Drilled holes
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