Trane Central Air Conditioning Air Conditioner User Manual

22-5157-01-0901 (EN) 5
The Problem Solver
Extra Energy Tips
1. Make sure your home is properly
insulated. This is the single most
important step in conserving
energy. Thermal insulation should
be specified in terms of thermal
resistance (R-values). R-30 (10")
is recommended for ceilings, R-11
(3-1/2) for exterior walls and floors
over unheated areas. In colder
climates, consider additional
2. Infiltration of humid outside air is
your heating and cooling systems
worst enemy it could account for
15 to 30% of air conditioning energy
requirements. Find the places where
air can sneak into the home and
plug them with caulking, weather-
stripping or plastic. Also, weather-
strip and caulk around all entrance
doors and windows.
3. Cut heat transfer through your
windows by 40 to 50% with double
glazing (two panes of glass separ-
ated by a sealed air space) and
low-e glass.
4. Use wood- or metal-frame storm
windows even if single-glazed
windows are high quality. The
extra layer of glass and the layer
of still air will cut heat transfer
5. Install storm doors at all entrances
to your house.
6. Keep all windows and doors closed.
7. Remember that by increasing the
glass area, you increase the amount
of heat added in summer and lost
in winter.
8. Make sure fireplaces have tight-
fitting dampers which can be closed
when the fireplace is not in use.
9. Invest in a humidifier to conserve
energy in winter. The air in your
home wont be as dry, so you stay
comfortable at a lower temperature
10. Locate the thermostat on an inside
wall away from windows and doors.
11. Set the thermostat as low as
comfort permits. Each degree over
68°F can add 3% to the amount of
energy needed for heating.
12. People generate heat. So lower the
thermostat a degree or two when
expecting a large group of guests.
13. Set the thermostat as high as
comfort will permit.
14. Make sure attics are adequately
ventilated to relieve heat buildup.
If necessary, improve air flow by
adding or enlarging vents.
15. When building a new house or
renovating an old one, choose
light-colored roof shingles to reflect
more of the suns heat.
16. During moderate weather, dont use
the air conditioner unnecessarily.
17. Draw blinds or drapes to block the
sunlight during the hottest part of
the day.
18. Install awnings over windows
exposed to direct sunlight.
19. In the cooling season, dont run
kitchen and bath exhaust fans
longer than necessary.
20. Dont place lamps, TV sets or other
heat producing devices beneath a
wall-mounted thermostat. Rising
heat from the equipment may
cause the air conditioner system
to over cool your house.
Reduce the burden of unexpected repair bills with
a Trane Extended Warranty.
Trane offers the finest quality products and manufacturers
warranties on the market. But, like all good things, the Trane-
provided limited warranty on your new comfort equipment
will come to an end. To keep you protected, Trane offers the
Extended Warranty Program. It picks up right where your
Trane limited warranty leaves off. And, it offers years and
years of reliable protection at a low cost. Ask your dealer
for program details.
The Trane Extended Warranty provides:
1. The opportunity to supplement your Limited Warranty
for five or ten years.
2. Coverage that may include parts only or parts and labor
for the duration of the agreement. Be certain you read the
Extended Warranty for complete details and exclusions.
3. Service work performed by servicers knowledgeable of
the operation of Trane equipment.
Before you call for service, check the following:
Problem Possible cause Remedy
Insufficient heating a. dirty filters a. clean or replace
or cooling b. air not circulating b. check supply registers and
freely return grills for blockage
c. blocked outdoor coil c. clear away leaves or other
Failure to operate a. power off a. make sure main switch is
in ON position
b. open circuit breaker b. reset circuit breaker, or
or burned-out fuses replace burned-out fuses
c. improperly adjusted c. check setting, adjust
thermostat thermostat
No Heating or Blower door removed Close door securely to
Cooling Blower or ajar restore power to blower
does not operate
Unusual Noise Call your local servicer