Trane 22-5213-WEB01 Air Conditioner User Manual

2 22-5213-WEB01
To prevent injury, death, or property
damage, read and follow all instructions
and warnings, including labels shipped
with or attached to unit before operating
your new outdoor system.
Disconnect all electrical power to the
indoor air handler or furnace before
removing access panels to perform any
maintenance. Disconnect power to both
the indoor and outdoor units. NOTE:
There may be more than one electrical
disconnect switch. Electric shock can
cause personal injury or death.
Although special care has been taken to
minimize sharp edges in the construction
of your unit, be extremely careful when
handling parts or reaching into the unit.
How it works to keep you comfortable
Congratulations on the purchase of your new Trane outdoor unit.
Your outdoor unit is designed to work with a matched indoor unit
creating a system that delivers years of dependable service and
Your system will cool, filter, and dehumidify the air in your home.
Additionally, a heat pump heats the air in your home.
As the system circulates air, it also filters it. The system also extracts
excess moisture from the home to help control humidity in muggy
summer months.
Acquaint yourself with your new system by spending just a few minutes
with this booklet. Learn about the operation of your system and the small
amount of maintenance it takes to keep it operating at peak efficiency.
An outdoor unit is not a household
appliance. It’s a self‑contained system
that requires professional maintenance
and repair.
That’s why attempts at “do‑it‑yourself”
repairs on an in‑warranty unit may void
the remainder of your warranty.
Other than performing the simple
maintenance recommended in this
manual, you should not attempt to make
any adjustments to your system. Your
dealer will be able to take care of any
questions or problems you may have.
Help ensure top efficiency by cleaning
or replacing the filter monthly.*
When your system circulates and filters
the air in your home, dust and dirt
particles build up on the filter. Excessive
accumulation can block the airflow,
forcing the unit to work harder to maintain
desired temperatures. And the harder
your unit works, the more energy it uses.
Clean or replace your filter twice a month
during seasons when the unit runs more
When replacing your filter(s), always use
the same size and type that was originally
supplied. Filters are available from your
Where disposable filters are used, they
must be replaced every month with the
same size as originally supplied.
How to remove your filter.*
Ask your Trane dealer where the filter
is located in your system and how to
service it.
Just be sure to replace it with the arrows
pointing in the direction of the airflow.
* Before removing the filter, see the owner’s manual
furnished with the indoor unit.
Efficiency can be maintained
by keeping the outdoor unit clear
of snow, ice and debris.
Efficient operation of your outdoor unit
depends on the free flow of air over the
coil. Anything that blocks the airflow
causes the compressor to work harder
to move the warm air out of your house.
Buildup of snow and ice can restrict
airflow. As soon as possible after
accumulation, clean snow from the area
around the outdoor unit.
To avoid overworking your unit, do not
plant flowers or shrubbery right next to
it. Also, make sure that nothing is stacked
against the sides of the unit or draped
over it.
Making sure your outdoor unit is kept
clear at all times helps it work at peak
Proper maintenance for maximum efficiency
Heat Pumps
heat in winter.
Air Conditioners
and Heat Pumps
cool in summer.
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