Samsung SU-2900 Vacuum Cleaner User Manual

When using the attachments, ensure
the vacuum cleaner is placed firmly
on the floor with the handle in the
upright position. Do not place the
vacuum on top of furniture or steps as the
brushroller may cause damage.
A. Combination tool:
Two types of cleaning tools are included in
one attachment: rotate for desired tool.
Use brush side to dust furniture,
blinds, books, lamps, shelves.
Use upholstery side for curtains,
draperies, cushions, fabrics.
B. Crevice tool:
Use in corners, on stairs, baseboards, and
behind furniture.
C. Extension Wand:
Use with desired attachments and narrow
wand for a longer reach.
option : Mini Turbo Brush
Refer to the separated instruction.
2-1 2-2 2-3
Carrying handle
The cleaner can also be moved by
using the carrying handle.
2-4 2-5
Cleaning lightweight
flexible rugs
Stand on one end of rug and move
cleaner toward other end or edge.
Before reaching edge, push down on
handle. This will lift up the nozzle(front of
cleaner)and will prevent rug from clinging
to cleaner.
Continue to lift front of cleaner so that
when you have reached the edge, it is
completely off the rug. Move cleaner
back to start again, lower front of cleaner,
and use only forward strokes.
Carpet height adjustment
Carpet and rug cleaning takes place at the
nozzle (A).
When it is necessary to raise and lower the
nozzle for various carpet pile heights, rotate the
nozzle control dial (B) to the desired setting.
For maximum cleaning performance, The
following carpet height settings are recommended:
Lowest setting: for all types of carpet
Higher settings: for very deep pile carpet where
easier pushing effort is desired, while maintaining
good cleaning performance.
Note: If the cleaner is difficult to push, rotate knob to
the next higher setting.
ON-OFF Switch
1.To turn cleaner on, press the
Power switch.
2.To the cleaner off, press the Power
switch again .
Handle positions
The handle of your cleaner has three
positions; upright for storage and
when using cleaning tools; operating
for general operation on carpet and
floors; low for reaching under low
furniture. Step on handle release
pedal to lower handle.
Transporting cleaner
To move your cleaner from room to
room, put the handle in upright
position, tilt the cleaner back on its
rear wheels and push forward.
Cleaning Tool attachments
Attachment tools can be used to
clean furniture or drapes, on stairs
or in corners.
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