Samsung DJ68-00330A Vacuum Cleaner User Manual

For improved pick-
up of pet hair and
fibre on carpets
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Remove dust inside the
brush housing using a
dry duster or crevice tool.
Insert brushbar into
rotating belt and
Click the transparent
screen cover back into
place to reassemble.
Push the Open button of
the transparent screen
cover to separate the cover.
Remove the brushbar
from the transparent
Remove waste matter
such as dust and hair
tangled around the
brushbar using scissors.
Frequent vacuuming of hair or pet fur may cause a falling-off of the rotation due to
matters tangled around the drum. In this case, clean the drum with care.
Vacuum dust in wide area at once
Remove waste matter completely
if the inlet is blocked.
For picking up pet hair
and fibre on upholstery
and bed linen.
Remove waste
matter com-
pletely when
inlet is blocked.
Turn the lock button to
‘UNLOCK’, and remove
waste matter.
To reassemble, align the cover to the
front of the main body and close. After
closing the cover, ensure that the lock
button is turned to the ‘LOCK’position.
Warning : Use for bedclothes only. Be cautious not to damage brush during unclogging.
Clogs on turbine keeps brush from turning, and in this case, take care of it.
Brush for blanket
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