Maytag HR640DJRS Water Heater User Manual

Service and Maintenance (cont’d)
Never use this water heater unless it is completely full of
water. To prevent damage to the tank and heating
element, the tank must be filled with water. Water must
flow from the hot water faucet before turning “ON”
14. Check element for water leaks. If leakage occurs,
tighten element or repeat steps 2 and 3, remove
element and reposition gasket. Then repeat steps
10 through 14.
15. Reconnect the two wires to the element and then
check to make sure the thermostat remains firmly
against the surface of the tank.
10. A new gasket should be used in all cases to prevent
a possible water leak. (See Element Gasket in the
Repair Parts Chart). Place the new element gasket
on the thread side of the cleaned or new element
and screw into tank, securing tightly using an
element wrench.
11. Close the water heater drain valve by turning the
handle to the right (clockwise). The drain valve is on
the lower front of the water heater.
12. Open the cold water supply valve to the water
NOTE: The cold water supply valve must be left
open when the water heater is in use.
13. To insure complete filling of the tank, allow air to exit
by opening the nearest hot water faucet. Allow
water to run until a constant flow is obtained. This
will let air out of the water heater and the piping.
7. Disconnect the two wires on the element and
unscrew the old element from the tank.
6. Lift out the tab as shown to unclip the terminal cover
from the thermostat. The terminal cover can now be
removed from the thermostat.
8. Clean the area around the element opening.
Remove any sediment from or around the element
opening and inside the tank.
9. If you are cleaning the element you have removed,
do so by scraping or soaking in vinegar or a de-
liming solution.
Replacement elements must (1) be the same voltage and
(2) no greater wattage than listed on the model rating
plate affixed to the water heater.
Lift out tab to unclip
terminal cover from