LG Electronics DH40 Dehumidifier User Manual

Be sure to block the wheels to
prevent unit from falling when
installed on a table or shelf.
It may damage the dehumidifier
or cause other damage or
Be sure to replace bucket
properly after emptying to
prevent water from collecting
on the floor.
Make sure the dehumidifier is
the correct size for the area
you want to dehumidify.
Do not operate switches with
wet hands.
It may cause electrical shock.
Install the dehumidifier properly on
a floor, table, or shelf that is level
and strong enough to support it
with a full bucket of water.
It should withstand around
90 lbs (40kg) weight.
Do not install dehumidifier in
an area where temperatures
will fall below 65°F (18°C.)
Low temperatures could cause
coils to frost and unit may not
Close all doors, windows and
other outside openings to the
The dehumidifier must be
operated in an enclosed area to
be most effective.
When the unit is to be cleaned,
switch it off.
It will cause electrical shock or
Do not put a pet or house plant
where it will be exposed to
direct air flow.
This may injure the pet or plant.