Graco 239877 Septic System User Manual

50:1 Fire-Ball
For pumping non-corrosive and non-abrasive greases and lubricants only.For
professional use only.
Model No. 239877, Series D
pail length
Model No. 239887, Series D
120 lb drum length
Model No. 239888, Series D
400 lb drum length
8400 psi (58 MPa, 580 bar) Maximum Working Pressure
140 psi (0.97 MPa, 9.7 bar) Maximum Air Input Pressure
Important Safety Instructions
Read all warnings and instructions in this
manual. Save these instructions.
This product is designed to be used only in pumping
non-corrosive and non-abrasive lubricants and
greases. Any other use can cause unsafe operating
conditions and result in component rupture, fire, or
explosion, which can cause serious injury including
fluid injection.