GE 3020511 Water System User Manual

Brine Valve PN 3020511
Installation Manual
Thank you for choosing the GE Safety Brine Valve. For a
complete water conditioner system, a brine valve is
indispensable for system protection and regeneration, as
well as ensuring the best water conditions.
The innovative design of the Brine Valve provides safe and
reliable performance, and is suitable for household and
commercial conditioner systems. This manual will help
you better understand the structure and properties of the
valve and will guide you through the installation.
We urge you to read this manual carefully and refer to it
any time a malfunction occurs. The Troubleshooting Table
highlights minor problems that you can correct yourself.
The brine valve is suitable for household use. For a water
conditioner system, the brine valve has two principal
Air Check function - During system regeneration or a slow
rinse period, the brine valve prevents air from being pulled
into the resin tank, thereby ensuring the system’s
Refill Protection - “over-refill” may occur if the control
valve was set incorrectly or a system failure occurs. If this
happens, the brine valve is a protective device against
overfilling the brine tank.
Product Features
Positive automatic opening and closing of the valve by
using vacuum or pressure.
Unique mechanical structure developed according to
scientific principles providing the best reliability.
Highly expandable interface with replacement
fittings, to coordinate different uses of the control
Adjustments are designed for ease of use and fast set-
Flow control is regulated by the body. Brine valve is
suitable for most water conditioning systems.
32" high unit: 3.2" L x 2.8" W x 27.38" H
(80 mm x 71 mm x 695 mm)
Rated Pressure: 20 - 120 psi (0.14 - 0.83 MPa)
Temperature Range: 34 - 140°F (1 - 60°C)
Used Media: Clean municipal water or
Max. Refill Water FLow: 1.2 GPM (4.5 L/m)
Max. Brine Flow: 1.0 GPM (3.7 L/m)
Main Valve: ABS & PE
Seal: Chlorine/Chloramines
resistant silicone rubber
Regenerant Tube Connection
The brine valve is compatible with a 3.5" (90 mm) GE brine
well, see Figure 1. The regenerant tube links the control
valve and the brine valve. Place one end of the right angle
elbow through the hole of the brine well. Slide the nut,
retaining sleeve and plastic gripper over the regenerant
tube. Insert the inner tube support and connect the
regenerant tube to the elbow. Finally, connect the other
end of the regenerant tube to the control valve.
Figure 1