Emerson 210-2000 Carbon Monoxide Alarm User Manual

Carbon Dioxide Sensor
Product Information Sheet
sensor (P/N 210-2000) is a non-dispersive
infrared analyzer designed for measuring
environmental CO
concentration in ventilation
systems and indoor spaces. Its measurement range of
0-2000 or 0-5000 ppm covers the range required to
monitor compliance with ASHRAE and other
ventilation efficiency standards.
An LCD display is available to provide local indication
of CO
concentration and facilitate the setup and
calibration process. An adjustable setpoint relay is
available for direct control and alarm applications.
Microprocessor-based digital electronics and a
unique self-calibration algorithm improves long-term
stability and accuracy
Before mounting, remove the door from the circuit
board by pressing a screwdriver against the locking
tab on the top of the enclosure. Pry the circuit board
away from the mounting plate using a screwdriver
inserted into the two tab slots on the top of the
Choose a location for the sensor with good air
circulation, away from ventilation inlets, doors,
windows, or other points where fresh air enters the
room. The sensor should be mounted at least 4-1/2
feet above the floor. The environment temperature
must be within 32°–112°F (0°–50°C).
If wiring will be coming in through the mounting
plate from the back, punch out openings in the
mounting plate and use the plate as a template for
locating holes. Mount the mounting plate against a
wall or other flat surface by using the two mounting
holes and the screws provided (use wall anchors for
drywall installations).
NOTE: Sensors must be mounted vertically (straight
up and down) to ensure proper readings.
Figure 1 - CO
Sensor (exploded view)
Carbon Dioxide Sensor
Product Information Sheet