Broan HRV100H Air Cleaner User Manual

The Energy Efficient Fresh Air Solution
Best airflow and heat recovery in its class
Smart Defrost system
• Easy to service
71 to 163 cfm (0.3 in. w.g.)
• 64 to 146 cfm (0.4 in. w.g.)
Whole-house balanced ventilation, minimize
infiltration and exfiltration
• Offers solid ventilation performance
• Best airflow range in its category
Superior heat recovery
• Durable, reliable, high performance
Ideal For
Houses from 3,001 to 4,500 sq. ft.
Contractors who want added
value, quality, and best performance
Continuous background ventilation with
energy savings – the outgoing airstream
tempers the air of the incoming airstream.
• Failure protection system to prevent cold
air from entering the house.
• Easy to service – all parts removable in
5 minutes, electrical access on side panel.