Bernina 820 Sewing Machine User Manual

BERNINA International AG · Seestrasse 161 · CH-8266 Steckborn · Schweiz create:10/06/2009
Step 3: Update firmware of the BERNINA 820
The files are now ready to use for updating your BERNINA 820 sewing machine.
For installing the new firmware on your BERNINA 820 sewing machine, please take
your user manual of the BERNINA 8-Series at hand:
(Chapter: Setup Program)
Step 4: Checking of the firmware version:
Go to the “Setup” of your BERNINA 820 sewing machine.
Open the Information section and press the symbol three times
On the information screen of your BERNINA 820 you will see the following
Version Software: Vxx.xx.xx
Version Bootloader: Vxx.xx.xx
Note: This document only describes the downloading process, screen shots and file names are
not representing actual conditions.
The „x“ is standing for a number, the visible numbers show you the firmware versions