AEG 7460 Vacuum Cleaner User Manual

Dear Customer
Thank you for choosing an AEG-
Electrolux cleaner. To ensure total
satisfaction, read this Instruction
book carefully.
Features (see page 3)
A Mains cable
B Cable rewind button
C On/off button
D Suction control
E Dust container
F Dust container indicator
G Hose connection
H Carrying handle
I Horizontal parking position
J Vertical parking position
Accessories (see page 4)
Cartridge filter
Protector mesh
Telescopic tube
Swivel hose and handle with manu-
al suction control
Combination carpet/hard floor noz-
Hard floor nozzle (7460, 7480
7481, 7485, 7486, 1800 TRIO)
Turbo nozzle (7480, 7481, 7485,
7486, 1800 TRIO)
Narrow crevice nozzle
Combination upholstery
Accessory holder (‘caddy’)
Safety instructions
The cleaner is for domestic use only
and has been designed to ensure
maximum safety and performance.
Please follow these simple precauti-
The cleaner is double-insulated so
it must not be earthed.
The cleaner is only to be used by
adults. Young children or infirm per-
sons should be supervised to ensure
that they do not play with the appli-
Always store in a dry place.
Do not use to pick up liquids.
Avoid sharp objects.
Do not vacuum up very fine dust
from plaster, cement, cold cinders,
flour or ash.
These materials can cause serious
damage to the motor - a damage
which is not covered by the war-
Do not use near flammable gases.
Avoid tugging on the mains cable
and check cable regularly for dama-
Note: Do not use your cleaner with
a damaged cable. If the cable is
damaged, it should be replaced at
an AEG-Elecrolux Service Centre.
The plug must be removed from
the socket-outlet before cleaning
or maintaining the appliance.
All service and repairs must be car-
ried out by authorised AEG-
Electrolux service staff.
Getting Started
(see page 4)
Check the dust container is in
To connect the hose into the suc-
tion inlet push it until it clicks.
To disconnect the hose from the
suction inlet push the button at
the end of the hose.
Attach the telescopic tube to the
hose handle and floor nozzle by
pushing and twisting together.
(Twist and pull apart to dismantle).
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