i have a safewatch pro 3000EN the display shows chime battery. Where can i find the chime battery and how do i replace it.

Asked by judy on 06/28/2010 4  Answers

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0 I have a safewatch pro custom 3000, the display shows chime battery. Where can I find the chime battery and how do I replace it?
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0 I'm very late to the party but since Google still doesn't show a proper solution I am sharing what worked for me. Firstly, there is no "Chime Battery". Chime indicates the chime feature is turned on. Bat, or Battery indicates the backup battery needs to be replaced. 
There is likely a solution using your personal code. However, if you dont know your code and want to stop the 1:30am-3am noise from the keypad you can try these steps.
Open the main panel for your alarm. Disconnect the red and black wires from the large battery. Purchase a matching replacement. In my case I found the battery was actually fine even though I had the message.
With a good battery and the system off or in standby,  disconnect the main power by unscrewing the 1st OR second wire from the left side of the circuit board. DO NOT let the wire touch anything!
Now reconnect the new battery making sure to match red and black.
Then reconnect the power back to the circuit board. 
The system will run a self test and a couple minutes later it should be "Ready" with the "Bat" message gone. "Chime" will still show as the chime feature is still enabled.

I hope this helps someone. Thanks
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