Williams 4007732 Furnace User Manual

Design Features
Freestanding or recessed, Forsaire furnaces are ideal for
homes, apartments, offices, schools, cabins and many
other applications
Counterflow blower system circulates ceiling-to-floor
warm air
Choose from electronic ignition or “Matchless” ignition
(gas-fired models)
Multi-room heating with optional outlet kits – heat up
to three rooms
Gas models equipped with a four-foot service cord
Natural and propane gas models (conversion kit available)
Automatic temperature and safety controls
Resettable vent-limit safety switch (top-vent models)
Thermostat included
Top-Vent Counterflow
This model’s powerful counterflow blower system
receives air at ceiling level, warms it and quietly
delivers it at floor level to give an equalized floor-to-
ceiling temperature! Installs easily and inexpensively.
Electric Home Heater
The practical choice for those areas where
natural or propane gas is not convenient
to install. It provides low-cost, floor-to-
ceiling comfort (31,400 Btu/hr), is
thermostatically controlled, and is ideal
for basements and room additions.
Direct-Vent Counterflow
Forced-air circulation comfort heating
system uses only outside air for
combustion, as the burners are
completely sealed within the combustion
chamber. Combustion is discharged
outdoors through the wall; this eliminates
the expense of a chimney…all vent caps
include a built-in “Bird Guard”. All vent
material is included. IDEAL for garages.
35,000 - 65,000 Btu/hr
40,000 – 62,500 Btu/hr
comfort heating
for up to three rooms!
Counterflow Furnaces