Weber Indoor Fireplace Indoor Fireplace User Manual

Please read the following warnings carefully before using your FirePlace. Failure to follow these
warnings may result in serious bodily injury or death, or in a fire causing damage to property.
The Weber FirePlace is designed solely for
outdoor use. Indoor use can be lethal.
Use only on noncombustible surfaces,
such as brick, flagstone, concrete, etc.
Do not use on a wooden deck.
Keep away from flammable materials,
buildings and vehicles when in use.
Exercise the same care that you would
with an open campfire.
Your Weber FirePlace is not to be used by
Keep away from flammable fluids such as
gasoline, charcoal lighter fluid and
alcohol, etc.
Keep children and pets away from the
FirePlace when in use.
Never wear loose-fitting or flammable
clothing (such as nylon) when in use.
Do not overload. Before starting the fire
make sure the lid is capable of closing.
Overloading can be dangerous if the lid
cannot extinguish the fire.
Do not use soft woods, like pine or cedar.
Soft woods may "pop" and throw sparks.
Do not burn leaves, paper, plywood or
trash in the Weber FirePlace.
Do not use volatile fluids, such as
gasoline, charcoal lighter fluid or alcohol,
to light or relight fires.
Use only sturdy, long-handled fireplace
equipment, when adding or moving logs.
Do not attempt to move the FirePlace when
in use or hot.
Use barbecue mitts when handling,
because surfaces will be hot when in use.
Fill the Weber FirePlace bottom with
approximately two pounds of sand before
use. This helps to insulate the bottom of
the FirePlace.
Always extinguish fire with the lid. Do not
douse with water; this will fracture the
porcelain finish. Wood fires take a long
time to extinguish. The Weber FirePlace
and the ashes inside may remain hot for
some time. Leave the lid closed until the
Weber FirePlace is cold.
Do not store the Weber FirePlace with
combustible materials or ashes inside.
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FirePlace Assembly