Wayne 350705-001 Water Pump User Manual

Please read and save these instructions. Read carefully before attempting to assemble, install, operate or maintain the product described.
Protect yourself and others by observing all safety information. Failure to comply with instructions could result in personal injury and/or
property damage! Retain instructions for future reference.
The submersible pump is designed for home
sump applications. The unit is equipped with
an 8-ft long, 3-prong grounding type power
cord. Motor is oil filled and sealed for cooler
running and designed to operate under
water. A float switch is provided for
automatic pump operation. This pump is not
suitable for aquatic life.
Inspect this unit before it is used.
Occasionally, products are damaged during
shipment. If the pump or components are
damaged, return the unit to the place of
purchase for replacement. Failure to do so
could result in serious injury or death.
General Safety Information
Do not use to pump
flammable or explosive
fluids such as gasoline,
fuel oil, kerosene, etc. Do
not use in a flammable and/or explosive
atmosphere. Pump should only be used
to pump clear water. Personal injury
and/or property damage could result.
This pump is not
designed to handle
salt water, brine, laundry discharge or
any other application which may
contain caustic chemicals and/or
foreign materials. Pump damage could
occur if used in these applications and
will void warranty.
All wiring must be
performed by a
qualified electrician. Failure to follow
this warning could result in fatal
electrical shock.
If the basement has water
or moisture on the floor,
do not walk on wet area
until all power is turned
off. If the shutoff box is
in the basement, call an electrician.
Remove pump and either repair or
replace. Failure to follow this warning
could result in fatal electrical shock.
Operating Instructions and Parts Manual Submersible Series
350705-001 7/05
A backup system
should be used.
Wayne offers Model ESP15.
Place the float bracket onto the handle of
the motor housing and slide the switch
assembly securely into place.
1. Install pump in a sump pit with minimum
size as shown in Figure 2. Construct
sump pit of tile, concrete, steel or plastic.
2. The unit should be located and rest on a
solid, level foundation. Do not place
pump directly on clay, earth, gravel or
sandy surface. These surfaces contain
small stones, gravel, sand, etc. that may
clog or damage the pump and cause
pump failure.
Flood risk. If
flexible discharge
hose is used, make sure pump is
secured in sump pit to prevent
movement. Failure to secure pump
could allow pump movement and
switch interference and prevent pump
from starting or stopping.
3. Thread check valve (Wayne offers Model
66005-WYN) into pump body carefully
to avoid stripping or cross threading. Do
not use pipe joint sealant.
4. Connect 1-1/2” rigid pipe to rubber boot
on check valve. Reverse boot for 1-1/4”
diameter pipe. Tighten hose clamps.
Support pump and
piping when
assembling and after installation.
Failure to do so could cause piping to
break, pump to fail, etc. which could
result in property damage and/or
personal injury.
5. Protect electrical cord from sharp object,
hot surfaces, oil and chemicals. Avoid
kinking the cord and replace damaged
cords immediately.
IMPORTANT: Make sure there is adequate
room for the switch to operate.
6. A sump pit cover must be installed to
prevent debris from clogging or
damaging the pump.
Always disconnect the
power source before
attempting to install,
service, relocate or maintain the pump.
Never touch sump pump, pump motor,
water or discharge piping when pump is
connected to electrical power. Never
handle a pump or pump motor with wet
hands or when standing on wet or damp
surface or in water. Fatal electrical
shock could occur.
1. A ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI)
is required.
Figure 2
Float 11”
Tether 14”
Min. Diameter
Switch Housing
Figure 1
Sump Pump
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