Singer CE350 Sewing Machine User Manual

Model CE-350
Features and Benefits
General Features:
Three Stay-Bright
LED Lights
Three lights over the sewing area address a feature asked
for by consumers - better lighting! With lights on each
side of the needle area as well as one light over the large
surface to the right of the needle, it is easier to see your
work. An illuminated sewing area makes all your sewing
more precise. Sewing is also more pleasurable because
the well lighted sewing area reduces eye-stain often
caused by working in low lighting.
Automatic Needle Threader
Effortless threading of the machine, including automatic
threading of the eye of the needle!
Automatic Tension This system ensures stable stitch quality, whatever the
type of fabric being used.
Top Loading Jam-Proof
Bobbin System with Clear
This mechanism incorporates a rotating hook that ensures
smooth, quiet jam-proof sewing. The bobbin loads from
the top so it is easy to insert the bobbin. The clear cover
makes it effortless to monitor the bobbin thread supply.
Optimum Power Control The Optimum Power Control provides precise piercing
power when sewing multiple layers or dense fabric. The
piercing power is the same regardless of sewing speed.
Drop Feed A conveniently located lever will lower the feed dogs for
free-motion embroidery, machine embroidery, monograms
and attaching buttons.
Extra-High Presser Foot Lifter There are two heights to the presser foot lifter. The
second height offers a ¼” more clearance which is needed
when placing multiple layers or bulky fabrics under the
presser foot.
Vertical Spool Holder In addition to the machine’s horizontal thread delivery, a
second vertical spool holder is provided at the back of the
machine, specially designed for many of today’s threads.
Self-Lubricating Because the machine is permanently lubricated, there is
no need to oil the machine, and no oil gets on fabric.
Warning Signals Audible warning messages alert the sewer, ensuring
trouble-free sewing.
Aluminum Frame The internal skeleton of the sewing machine. This rigid
support holds all the mechanisms in perfect alignment for
perfect, skip-free sewing.