Sears 139.53859 Garage Door Opener User Manual

Owner's Manual
Model 139.53879
3-Function Remote Control
To comply with FCC rules, adjustment or moditicalions o! 1his receiver end!or
transmitter are prohibited except for changing the code seltlng or replacing the
The 53000 Series remote control works only with
door openers and light controls having a green
"SRT" button and green indicator light.
Instructions are given below for programming your
opener to match the remote control's code. The
additional remote control buttons can also activate
other garage door openers and/or light controls.
(Instructions for programming light products are
included with those accessories.)
Program the Opener to Accept
the Remote Control Code
Select a remote control push button to operate the
receiver The large button is recommended for use with
the garage door opener.
1 Press and HOLD the selected remote control push
button, Figure 1_
2. Then press and release the green "SRT" button on the
right side panel of the opener in Figure 2oThe opener
light wit flash once.
3 Retease the remote control push button
Now the opener wilt operate when the remote control
push button is pressed
If you release the remote control push button before
the opener light flashes, the opener has not
accepted the code.
To Change the Selected Push Button
On the Same Remote Control
If you decide to use a different remote control button
than originally programmed into the opener, you need to
erase aflthe learned codes and reprogram each remote
control used to operate the garage door opener
To Erase All Remote Control Codes
. Press and hold the green "SRT" button on the opener
panel until the indicator light turns off (about 6
seconds). All the codes the opener has learned will
be erased.
- To reprogram, repeat Steps I - 3 for each remote
control in use,
Code programming instructions are also located on
the opener panel.
Replacement Parts: ]
3_Function remote control housing only (no circuit board) - 4IA4873;
Compact remote control housing only (no circuit board) - 4 IA4874;
3V 2016 Lithium Battery - 10A!9 (2 required); Visor Clip - 29£I 34
Model 139.53859
Compact 3-Function Remote Control
operating or playing with a garage door
opener can injure themselves or others. The
garage door could close and cause serious Injury
or death. Do not allow children to operate the
door push button(s) or remote control(s).
A moving garage door could Injure or kill
someone under It. Activate the opener only when
you can see the door clearly, it is free of
obstructions, and Is properly adjusted.
...... I_L i, i,I ' in
FIGURE 1 select e remote control push
button 1ooperate opener
Remote Control
Compact 3-Function
Remote Control
53000 Series Garage Door Openers
(With Green "SRT" Button and Green Indicator Light)
Green "SRT"
Green Indicator
The Remote Control Batteries
The lithium batteries should j._-,,,..3-FUNCTtON
produce power for up to 5 years.._,,'_-._res_ 'toh'_ve;dd
Replace batteries positive side _-,_,-_.._:z_ cracking
3-Function remote.: Use the C-_L_ Twlst_&')
visor clip or screwdriver _,_ ",--_., toop_r,
blade to pry open the case
as shown To repIace the cover, insert the 3 tabs at the
opposite end and snap shut
Compact remote Use a screwdriver b!ade to pry open
the case as shown To replace cover, snap shut along
both sides
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