Samsung SU-8500 Vacuum Cleaner User Manual

The power control slide switch is located on the front of the handle.
This switch also allows you to control the cleaning power.
Plug cord into electrical outlet.
To turn cleaner ON(I), slide the power switch up. To turn
cleaner OFF(O), slide the power switch down. The
headlight turns on when in use.
The brush roll switch is located on the side of the cleaner body. This switch turns the
rotating brush on and off. The brush switch should be in the ON(I) position for normal
carpet cleaning. You may want to turn the brsuh switch OFF(O) for bare floor cleaning
or other delicate surfaces.
Turn brush roll switch OFF(O) to clean hard surface floors.
Turn brush roll switch ON(I) to clean carpet and rugs.
The brush rolls will automatically turn off when the handle is in the upright position.
NOTE: Your SAMSUNG vacuum is equipped with a special internal switch that
turns the Rotating Brush off whenever the unit is in the Upright position.
Select the desired angle of the cleaner using the handle release pedal.
The handle of your cleaner has three positions.
Step on the handle release pedal on the back of the cleaner base.
Raise or lower the handle and release the pedal.
A. Upright:
For storage and elevated cleaning with cleaning tools.
B. Medium position:
For general operation on carpet and floors.
C. Low position:
Use for reaching under low furniture. Step on handle release
lever to lower handle.
Power Switch/Brush Roll Switch(Circuit Breaker)
Circuit Breaker(Reset Switch)
The Circuit breaker turns off the brush rolls if there is an obstruction in them. The circuit breaker combining ON/OFF switching and
extremely fast overload performance in a rocker switch. Under overload conditions, an internal neon (filament bulb for low voltages)
illuminates to give a cleaner signal of the tripped status of the mechanism and thereby the cause of power interruption. Returning
the rocker switch through the OFF position and back ON will reset the mechanism and restore the supply.
The brush rolls will not turn, but the suction motor will continue to run. To reset the breaker, turn cleaner off and unplug it. Clear
obstruction. Press circuit breaker switch to the ON(I) position. Turn cleaner ON and continue cleaning.
Handle Positions