ritetemp GPMG8010 Thermostat User Manual

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PG 1
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Statement of use: The GPMG8010 can be used with most
24 volt gas, oil or electric heating systems, zoned heating
systems, heat pumps with or without auxiliary heat, or gas
millivolt heating systems. It cannot be used with 120 volt
heating systems.
1 Configure
ï Set HEAT/COOL mode switch to
HEAT or COOL. Set the Fan
switch to AUTO (automatic).
Once you have installed the
thermostat, follow the instructions
below to operate your new
Your thermostat is now in operation.
ï In the winter, set the system switch to
HEAT to control your heating system.
ï In the summer, set the system switch to
COOL to control your air conditioner.
ï In spring and fall or when windows are
open, you can set the system switch OFF.
ï Setting the FAN switch to AUTO
automatically runs your system's fan
during heating and cooling.
ï Setting the FAN switch to ON runs your
system's fan continuously even without
heating or cooling.
NOTE: LED blinks when batteries are low.
Caution: System will stop when batteries die.
2 Set Temp
3 Operate
Turn the Temperature control to
select the desired temperature.
ï Warmer - to the right
ï Cooler - to the left.
Operation 8010
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Mode Switch
Low Battery