Philips P-3754-D Indoor Furnishings User Manual

Compact Fluorescent
Energy Saver Universal
nd 3-Way Lamps
Energy saver universal lamps
Philips Compact Fluorescent Energy Saving Universal
and 3-Way Lamps provide energy savings and reduce
operating costs without sacrificing quality of light compared
to incandescent equivalents.
Direct replacement for incandescent bulbs
Provides warm and inviting soft white light
• Fits into incandescent fixtures and can be used in enclosed fixtures
• Available in 3-Way
Long life
Lasts at least 5 years
Energy savings
• Saves up to $112 over the life of the lamp when you replace a 100W
A19 incandescent lamp with a 25W energy saver universal
* Based on an average daily usage of 3–4 hours per day,7 days per week.
** Energy savings based on wattage saved x replacement lamp rated average life (15,000 hours) ÷ 1000 x $0.10 kWh rate.
Ideal for use in any current
incandescent application
† Thislampis betterforthe environment because of
ts reducedmercury content.All PhilipsALTO
lampsgiveyou end-of-life optionswhich cansimplify
andreduceyour lampdisposal costs depending on
ourstateand local regulations.