Philips MHC-08100A Indoor Furnishings User Manual

200 Franklin Square Drive
P.O. Box 6800
Somerset, NJ 08875-6800
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Lamp Material Data Sheet (LMDS)
Product: Philips Medium Wattage Metal Halide ELITE Lamps
CDM-T Type Lamps – All wattages
Philips Lighting Company
LMDS #: MHC-08100B
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Section 1. Manufacturer and Contact Information
Philips Lighting Company Division of Philips Electronics North America Corporation
200 Franklin Square Drive
P.O. Box 6800
Somerset, NJ 08875-6800
24 HR Emergency Phone Number: (800) 424-9300 CHEMTREC
Other Information Calls: (800) 555-0050 Philips Lighting Technical Information
Section 2. Hazardous Ingredients/Identity Information
These lamps contain the following materials: Exposure Limits
(by weight)
Mercury (7439-97-6) 0.1 0.025 <0.03%
Mercury Iodide (7774-29-0) 0.01 0.025 <0.001%
Thallium Iodide (7790-30-9) 0.1 0.1 <0.02%
Manganese Iodide (7790-33-2) 5.0 0.2 <0.001%
Calcium Iodide (10102-68-8) 5.0 <0.25%
Sodium Iodide (7681-82-5) <0.06%
Cerium Iodide (7790-87-6) <0.01%
Krypton (Kr
(13983-27-2) <25ηCi
This material is fully contained in the inner arc tube and aids lamp starting.
Section 3. Physical Properties
Not applicable to an intact lamp. The outer bulb is UV-block quartz glass, the base is ceramic with stainless steel pins,
and the inner envelope (arc tube) is ceramic. Other chemical or physical characteristics are not applicable.
Section 4. Fire and Explosion Hazards
The outer glass bulb encloses a ceramic arc tube which is refractory. There is a vacuum within the outer envelope. If
the lamp is dropped or struck, a possible implosion could result which would cause flying glass.
WARNING: The arc tubes of metal halide lamps are designed to operate at high pressures and temperatures (up to
900°C). If the arc tube ruptures for any reason, the outer bulb may break and shards of extremely hot glass may be
discharged into the surrounding environment, with the associated risk of property damage or personal injury.
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