Philips LAA31AYBC/12 Indoor Furnishings User Manual

Create your personal
ambiance everywhere
Create a unique ambiance around the home. Decorative and enchanting, the IMAGEO
CandleLights are great atmosphere makers. They give off a warm glow with gentle flicker,
but without the risk of open flames and hot wax
Freedom of placement
Weatherproof for indoor and outdoor use
Battery operated, no need to connect to mains while in use
Ease of use
Tilt to turn on and off the Candles , no need to find switch
Easy wireless induction charging no hassle with wires
Safe to use
No open electricity
LED technology is cool to touch
Unbreakable robust plastic holder
Ambiance light effect
Flickering light that is like a real candle
Philips IMAGEO
Colored LED candle