Philips IRC MR16 Indoor Furnishings User Manual

Philips Energy Advantage
IRC MR16 Lamps
Energy efficient low-voltage
halogen reflector lamps
Philips Energy Advantage IRC MR16 lamps make it easy
to optimize the look and feel of your merchandise, and the
shoppers experience, with lower operating costs.
High performance IR coating on a single ended burner
• Optimizes lumen output up to 24 lumens per watt,giving you up to 67% longer life
and up to 43% in energy savings compared to a standard halogen MR16 lamp
Aluminum coating eliminates back-light on 20W, 30W
and 35W lamps
No back-light eliminates sparkle from open-back fixtures
Protects the fixture by directing heat out the front
UV block
• Reduces color fading
Flat lens
• Easily fits into enclosed fixtures
Ideal for accent lighting
n retail stores, hotels,
restaurants, museums
and art galleries