Philips HF3331 Indoor Furnishings User Manual

Light and health
The human body uses light cues, such as those provided by the sun, to
time certain functions. Light exposure can boost mood and energy.
Light has direct alerting and energizing effects and can improve our
performance. Bright light therapy is also successfully used for mood relief,
especially for seasonal mood swings.
In countries with long winters, many people experience loss of energy
and low spirits due to lack of light. These symptoms are referred to as the
winter blues. They typically start in the fall and may last for several weeks.
Exposure to bright light sources can help alleviate these symptoms and
restore the summer mood and summer energy level.
The blue light of the summer sky is well known. We do not get as much
of this light in the fall and winter, and indoor light does not emit enough
of this essential color. The goLITE BLU energy light helps to deliver the
wavelength, color and intensity of light that we see in summer.
General description (Fig. 1)
A LED panel
B Socket for appliance plug
C Interactive touchscreen display
1 Alarm touchscreen button
2 Alarm chime indication
3 Alarm light indication
4 Timer-on indication
5 Clock time
6 Demo mode indication
7 Charge indication
8 Plus (+) touchscreen button
9 Timer touchscreen button
10 Timer countdown time/Alarm time
11 Intensity indication
12 Minus (-) touchscreen button
D Small plug
E Adaptor
F Stand
G Reset button