Philips HF3331 Indoor Furnishings User Manual

Question Answer
Do I have to
take off my
glasses when I
use the goLITE
No, you can use the goLITE BLU energy light with
your glasses on. Do not wear tinted glasses or
sunglasses when you use the goLITE BLU, as these
glasses reduce its effectiveness.
Does the
appliance have
any side effects?
The goLITE BLU is safe if used according to the
instructions. Temporary headaches or nausea have
been reported. These effects are usually solved by
sitting further away from the appliance.
Can I get
sunburn from
using the
No, the technology used in the goLITE
BLU eliminates all UV light.
I have heard
that light can be
dangerous. Can
the goLITE BLU
damage my
The goLITE BLU emits safe levels of blue light,
according to current standards. However, if you suffer
from an eye disease or have a history of eye disease
in your family, consult your ophthalmologist before
you use the goLITE BLU. If you have a temporary
eye problem, wait until it is resolved before you use
the goLITE BLU.
The goLITE BLU energy light is safe if used according
to the instructions. The appliance is free from any
ultraviolet light risk to the eye and it produces a safe,
diffused eld of light. The appliance has been tested
for ocular safety.
As with any bright light source, do not look into the
light too long. The benecial reaction happens when
the photoreceptors in the eye are stimulated. Since
these photoreceptors lie in the periphery of the eye,
you get a better result if you place the goLITE BLU
at a slight angle to your face.