Philips HF3331 Indoor Furnishings User Manual

3 Place the goLITE BLU approximately 20-30 in./50-70cm from your
eyes in such a way that the light bathes your face from the
side (Fig. 5).
You can read, eat, work at the computer, watch TV or exercise while -
you use your goLITE BLU energy light.
For the best results, place the goLITE BLU at the same level as your -
midriff (stomach area), e.g. place it on the table at which you are
Note: Do not stare into the light of the LED panel. It is sufcient that the blue
light reaches your eyes indirectly from the side.
Use your goLITE BLU in a well-lit room to minimize eye strain. -
Setting the clock
1  Press the on/off button briey to turn on the appliance (Fig. 6).
The touchscreen display goes on. ,
2 Press the alarm button and the timer button simultaneously for 2
seconds (Fig. 7).
The clock time starts to ash on the display (Fig. 8). ,
3 Set the clock time with the plus or minus button. If you keep the
button pressed, the time moves forward or backward
quickly (Fig. 9).
4 To switch between the 12-hour (a.m./p.m.) and 24-hour time
indication, press the timer button and minus button simultaneously
for 2 seconds.
5 Press either the alarm button or the timer button or wait 10
seconds to exit the time-setting mode.
Setting the timer
You can use the timer function to set the light time.
1  Press the on/off button briey to turn on the appliance (Fig. 6).
The touchscreen display goes on. ,
2 Press the timer button (Fig. 10).