Panasonic CZ-RE2C2 Garage Door Opener User Manual

14. Alarm indication
This displays alarm messages when an error
5. Operation Mode indication
Displays the selected operation mode.
FAN ).
7. Temperature indication
Indicates the set temperature.
8. °F / °C (Temperature unit)indication
Display Section
(Fan mode select)
The selected fan mode is displayed.
/ / /
4. (Outing) indication
( Outing Function)
Appears when the outing function is set.
2. (Flap position) indication
Indicates the flap position.
6. Upper and lower limit indication of the
outing function
: Indicates the upper limit of the
: Indicates the lower limit of the
9. (Remote control sensor) indication
Appears when the remote control sensor is
10. (Centralized control) indication
Appears when operated in centralized control.
If the remote control operation is not permitted
to the remote unit, when the (Start/Stop)
button, (Mode select) button,
(Fan speed) button, (Swing/Air direction)
button or   (Temperature setting)
buttons are pressed, flashes and
rejects the change.
11. (Disabled feature) indication
Displayed if the selected feature was disabled
during installation.
13. (Caution) indication
Appears when the protective device is
activated or when an abnormality occurs.
15. (Oil) indication
Appears when the engine oil needs to be
changed. (Appears when the gas heat pump
air conditioner is used.)
3. (Swing) indication
Appears while the flap swings.
12. (Heating standby mode) indication
appears when the fan of the indoor unit is
stopped or in low fan speed.