Maytag HR650DJLS Water Heater User Manual

Instructions for Installation (cont’d)
1. Provide a way to easily shut off the electric power
when working on the water heater. This could be with
a circuit breaker or fuse block in the entrance box or
a separate disconnect switch.
2. Install and connect a circuit directly from the main
fuse or circuit breaker box. This circuit must be the
right size and have its own fuse or circuit breaker.
Refer to the chart in the “Product Specifications”
section for the correct size wire and fuse or circuit
3. If metal conduit is used for the grounding conductor:
A. The grounding electrode conductor shall be of
copper, aluminum, or copperclad aluminum. The
material shall be of one continuous length without
a splice or joint.
B. Rigid metal conduit, intermediate metal conduit, or
electrical metallic tubing may be used for the
grounding means if conduit or tubing is terminated
in fittings approved for grounding.
C. Flexible metal conduit or 3 metallic tubing shall be
permitted for grounding if all the following conditions
are met:
1. The length in any ground return path does not
exceed 6 feet.
2. The circuit conductors contained therein are
protected by overcurrent devices rated at 20
amperes or less.
3. The conduit or tubing is terminated in fittings
approved for grounding.
For complete grounding details and all allowable
exceptions, refer to the current edition of the NEC -
National Electrical Code, NFPA 70.
4. A standard 1/2” conduit opening has been made in the
water heater junction box for the conduit connection.
5. Wiring Diagrams (See “Wiring Diagrams” Section)
have been supplied showing the two most common
types of connections between the water heater and
the power supply. You can easily see which type
connection you have by removing the junction box
cover on top of the water heater.
A. Two Wire Connection Diagrams: is the most
common requiring you to simply connect red to red,
black to black, and the ground wire to the green
ground screw in the junction box of the water heater.
B. Three Wire Connection Diagram: is used when
you are connecting the water heater to power a supply
that has a “Time Clock” or “Off Peak” Meter. To make
these connections refer to block 1 or 2 in this wiring
diagram for the type of system you have.
NOTE: If you have purchased a three wire
connection water heater but you are not on a
“Time Clock” or “Off Peak” meter and have a
standard two wire connection power supply,
simply follow the connection diagram in block 3 of
the Three Wire Connection Diagram.
6. Use wire nuts and connect the power supply wiring to
the wires inside the water heater’s junction.
7. The water heater must be electrically “grounded” by
the installer. A green ground screw has been provided
en the water heater's junction box. Connect ground
wire to this location.
8. Replace the wiring junction cover using the screw
Never use this water heater unless it is completely full of
water. To prevent damage to the tank and heating
element, the tank must be filled with water. Water must
flow from the hot water faucet before turning on power.
This water heater is equipped for one type voltage only.
Check the rating plate near the bottom access panel for the
correct voltage. DO NOT use this water heater with any
voltage other than the one shown on the model rating plate.
Failure to use the correct voltage can cause problems
which can result in DEATH, SERIOUS BODILY INJURY, OR
PROPERTY DAMAGE. If you have any questions or doubts
consult your electric company.
If wiring from your fuse box or circuit breaker box was
aluminum for your old water heater, replace it with
copper wire. If you wish to reuse the existing aluminum
wire, have the connection at the water heater made by a
competent electrician. Call Maytag Customer Service at
1-800-788-8899 for an authorized servicer.
You must provide all wiring of the proper size outside of
the water heater. You must obey local codes and electric
company requirements when you install this wiring.
If you are not familiar with electric codes and practices, or
if you have any doubt, even the slightest doubt, in your
ability to connect the wiring to this water heater, obtain the
service of a competent electrician. Call Maytag Customer
Service at 1-800-788-8899 for an authorized servicer.