Maytag HE21282T Water Heater User Manual

Service and Maintenance
Temperature Regulation
HOTTER WATER CAN SCALD: Water heaters are
intended to produce hot water. Water heated to a
temperature which will satisfy clothes washing,
dish washing, and other sanitizing needs can scald
ind permanently injure you upon contact. Some ^_ ne
peopleare more likely to be permanently injured by _ _/
lOt water than others. These include the elderly, _ /
children, the infirm, or physically/mentally handi-.
capped. If anyone using hot water in your home fits
into one of these groups or if there isa local code or I
state law requiring a certain temperature water at I
the hot water tap, then you must take special pre- I
cautions. In addition to using the lowest possible
temperature setting that satisfies your hot water I
needs, a means such as a mixing valve, should be I
used at the hot water taps used by these people or
at the water heater. Mixing valves are available at
_alumbing supply or hardware stores. Follow manu-
cturers instructions for installation of the valves.
Before changing the factory setting on the thermo-
stat, read the "Temperature Regulation" section in
Never allow small children to use a hot water tap,
C 4-_-" N
or to draw their own bath water. Never leave a ,=mt,=raLure eL,nus
child or handicapped person unattended in a bath-
tub or shower.
HOT-Is a thermostat setting of approximately 120°F,
which will supply hot water at the most eco-
Thermostats nomical temperatures.
The thermostats of this water heater have been factory set at A-Is a thermostat setting of approximately 130°F.
their lowest position which approximates 120°F (Hot) to
reduce the risk of scald injury. B-Is a thermostat setting of approximately 140°E
The upper and lower thermostat is factory set at its lowest C-Is a thermostat setting of approximately 150°E
position which approximates 120°F (Hot) and is adjustable if
a different water temperature is desired. Read all warnings in VERY HOT-Is a thermostat setting of approximately 160°E
this manual and on the water heater before proceeding. It is recommended that the dial be set lower
whenever possible.
NOTE: Water temperature range of 120°-140°F recom-
mended by most dishwasher manufacturers.