Hoover Z 400 Vacuum Cleaner User Manual

Bagless Upright Vacuum
The World’s First Sport Utility Vacuum
Telescoping Quick-Release
Wand with Super-Stretch Hose
• Super-stretch hose and wand
reach 20’ for easy stair
cleaning and the vacuum
folds into a canister for
added stability.
• Hose swivels 360
, so it
won’t kink or topple
the vacuum.
Patent-Pending Z-Fold™ Design
Offers the performance and
convenience of a upright, and the
flexibility and stability of a canister.
When in the upright position, you
don’t have to stop to use cleaning
tools – they’re always accessible
and ready to work for you – so
cleaning above floor is convenient.
Patent-Pending Self-Cleaning
HEPA Filter. Every 6 Seconds, the
Filter Cleans Itself.
• Fine dirt and dust are trapped by
the filter as it rotates, while larger
particles fall into the dirt cup.
• As it reaches the cleaning
position, a combination of
reverse airflow and gentle
tapping releases the fine dirt
and dust from the filter.
• Dirt and dust fall into the dirt cup.
The filter continues to turn, and
the next section is cleaned.
DigiTouch™ Control Pad
At your fingertips! Simply touch the
desired setting, and it automatically
• On/Off
• Automatic Carpet Height Settings
• Automatic Hard-Surface Setting
• Diagnostic Indicators