Honeywell PDX250T*F(BN,SX,CX) Water Heater User Manual

Thermal well TCO Limit Residential 188°F (87°C), Commercial 199°F (9C)
Residential Temperature
Set Point Range
60°F (16°C) to 160°F (71°C) (Approximate temperatures)
Blower Temperature Switch Normally closed, opens @ 155°F (68°C), auto reset @ 128°F (5C).
Blower 115VAC, 60Hz, 3.1 amps.
Pressure switch
Standard Altitude-Normally open, closes at differential pressure of -.80.
High Altitude-Normally open, closes at differential pressure of -.73.
Power supply Dedicated 115VAC, 60 Hz, 15A
Approved Gas Type Natural or Propane. Unit must match gas type supplied.
Venting System Power direct vent through the wall or vertical through the roof
Approved Vent Materials PVC, CPVC or ABS
Gas Supply Pipe Minimum 1/2" NPT (schedule 40 black iron pipe recommended)
Minimum Clearance
for Servicing
18" from top, 24" from front, 4" sides and rear.
Water Supply Pressure 150 PSI maximum allowable working pressure. Check local codes for supply pressure
Gas Pressure 5.0" W.C. min. for Nat gas, 11.0" W.C. min. for L.P. gas, 14.0" W.C. maximum (Nat. & L.P.)
Commercial Temperature
Set Point Range
80°F (2C) to 180°F (82°C) (Approximate temperatures)
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