Honeywell PDX250T*F(BN,SX,CX) Water Heater User Manual

PDX Series
Step 4. Right side Inner Door Removal.
a) Remove wire tie from feedline.
b) Remove (2) 1/4" hex drive screws from right side inner door.
c) Remove (2) 1/4" hex drive screws from flange section of inner door.
d) Remove right side inner door and set aside. Be careful not to damage gasket material on inner door.
¼" Hex Drive Screws shown on
Right Side Inner Door.
Inner Door Removal Procedure.
Step 1. Slide switch of the Electronic Gas Control to the “OFF” position and unplug from wall.
Step 2. Remove outer jacket burner access door.
Step 3. Disconnect wire connections from Electronic Gas Control.
Step 4. Fully inspect inner door gaskets for the following:
>Tears >Other imperfection that will inhibit proper seal
>Missing Material >Gasket adhesion to inner door
>Cracks >Material left on combustion chamber (around opening)
>Dirt or debris
If the gasket is not effected by any of the above, gasket replacement is not required. If replacement is
proceed to Inner Door Gasket Replacement Procedure.
Inner Door Gasket Replacement
If the information in these instructions is not
followed exactly, a fire or explosion may result causing
property damage, personal injury or death.
Step 5. After inspection of inner door as noted in step 4, completely remove gasket and adhesive residue from right
and left side inner doors as needed.
Step 6. Use RTV sealant (recommended bead size is 1/8") to secure the inner door gasket to the inner door sections
(right & left). Refer to illustration below for proper application. Note the overlap configuration in the flange
area of the inner door. Set the flange section first, this will help to achieve the proper over lap position.
¼" Hex Drive Screws at
Flange section of Inner Door
Inner Door/Gasket Removal, Inspection
Replacement and Reinstallation
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